275: How to Perfect the Art of Health Hacking with TJ Anderson

Have you ever wanted to become your own health coach? Wondered how you can possibly hack your health by yourself? Do you constantly find yourself wanting to lose some weight, gain energy, and gain self-confidence? Did you know you can possibly reduce your chance of diabetes and cancer by integrating this? On this episode of the James Swanwick show, retired Miami model turned clinical healt…

274: Harnessing your Neuro-linguistic programming with Tony Wrighton

When you heard the phrase, “Neuro-linguistic Programing,” what first comes to mind? Do you picture mind control tactics? Does a scene from your favorite sci-fi movie come to mind? Often times there is a negative connotation surrounding NLP, and the terminology. In reality, it simply is a form of communication, invented in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, that focuses on…

273: It’s Time for a Change; Where Should I Move?

Is there a place where you have always dreamed of moving to, just haven’t made the decision to do so yet? If so, why haven’t you moved there? What is holding you back from acting on these feelings?

Recently I have been tossing around the idea of moving to a new place. I have lived in LA for a while now, and am craving something new and exciting. I would love to live in a place where t…

272: How to Create a Better You with Luke Storey

Do you know that you need to change your life? Do you feel like you live an average life? Do you feel capable of so much more but don’t know what to do? Everyone feels this way at some point in life.

We need to figure out the tools to fix this feeling of mediocrity, or depression. In this episode, James is joined by Luke Storey to explore these tools.

Luke Storey went from being a…

271: Learn Your Insecurities So You Can Avoid Being A Douche

This past week I was at the Traffic and Conversion Conference. I spent the week catching up with friends, and meeting new ones. I was surrounded by internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and a plethora of innovators. One day, during the conference, I was talking to a few new people I had not previously met. While in conversation, I found myself starting to brag about my latest ventures with my…

270: How Attending A Conference Earned Me An Extra $150,000 A Year

Do you find yourself often saying “no,” to invitations? When a colleague asks you to attend a seminar, do you shudder at the mention? When your spouse asks you to attend an informational seminar, do you quickly think of a reason not to attend?

Conferences are good for a plethora of reasons, especially if you are truly wanting to learn more about the topic of the conference. Often…

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