Grandpa inteview

My 96-year-old war hero grandfather tells all

My grandfather, Neil Russell, is 96-years-old.

I call him “Grandpa”.

He’s a World War II hero and father of four, grandfather of nine and great-grandfather of five.

What can we learn from our grandparents?

Grandpa comes from a different era.

But his values and morals and ways of seeing the world can be a real lesson to us all.

In today’s short interview, Grandpa reveals:

* How to be liked by people

* World War II stories

* What he thinks of women (it’s pretty funny!)

You can watch the interview here

Now, I want to hear from YOU!

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What have you learned from YOUR grandparents?

Be well!


  • julietannerino

    What a wonderful, intelligent and kind gentleman your grandpa is! He’s right; we Italians ARE soft-hearted people! The old photos are really a nice touch, too. I learned from my Hungarian grandma that if I ever get to my 80’s, I can say pretty much anything on my mind, and adults won’t be offended. Kind of like how 5 year old kids have no mental “filter” before they speak… Can be embarrassing, but also entertaining!