How to finish what you started

Do you often feel frustrated that you can never finish what you started?

You set yourself goals but you fall just a little bit short of the target – like losing weight or learning a language or finishing a work project.

You start at 100 miles an hour, you make progress and THEN you stumble before the finish line. You give up. It all gets just a bit too hard, you feel lousy and you start telling yourself things like, “I’m so weak, I’ll never amount to anything”.

Has this sounded like you? Don’t worry, you’re NOT alone! On way to become a journalist, I stumped plenty of times.

BUT…what if you had the secret key to always finish what you started? Well, fear not, because I have the answer and it’s in in today’s video.

In it, you’ll learn 5 EASY STEPS of how to finish what you started so you can transform yourself into a goal-achieving machine!

Some of the tips include:

* How to finally get in “the zone” to get things done

* What distractions are keeping you from reaching your goals

* How to make (or lose) money whilst finishing what you started (Hint: It’s fun as hell!)

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So here are my questions to you:

1. What’s the ONE project in your life right now you haven’t been able to finish?

2. What are you going to do to finish it?

Leave your comments below and I’ll respond with some tips of my own to get you back on track.

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing!

  • Robert James Collier

    Love the tips here, James!

    One thing that I’m working on (re)incorporating into my life: meditation.

    After failing to meditate 30 minutes per day as planned throughout the early part of this year, I’ve set a goal to meditate every day:15 minutes a day for the first two weeks; 20 minutes per day the next two weeks; and 30 minutes the following two weeks after that.

    What’s the bet? If I lose, I’ll have to give away my cat…. Celestine.

    I love my cat Celestine! So the bet is definitely something that’s going to propel me to achieve my goal of meditating every day, similar to how it motivated Maneesh to eat healthy each day. (I won’t try, I will DO!)

    Thanks for sharing your tips in the video above!