Two ‘healthy’ JUNK FOODS to eat on your diet cheat day

The problem with diet cheat days is that you can put all the weight back on that you’d worked so hard to lose the previous week.

But what if I told you that you could gorge on two of the most famous and delicious junk foods in the world, without putting the pounds you’ve lost back on?

What are the two junk foods? The answer is in today’s video

You’re going to learn WHY these two foods are OK to eat in moderation.

It’s crazy but it’s true.

Afterwards, tell me about YOUR diet cheat day experiences! What do you like to gorge on? What’s your evil bad food that you’re always tempted by?

Leave a comment below. I read and respond to them all.

See you!


  • Jessica Boswell

    Awesome, thank you! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR ARTICLES!!!

  • julietannerino

    I love both of these foods, James. Thanks for the great, informative video!

  • Sergio

    This is awesome. That is great! Thanks James for sharing this with us.

  • Andrea Vargas

    I’ve taken your advice on the dark chocolate & it has helped a lot w my cravings.
    My diet consists of a lot of chicken & fish with mixed greens. I also drink protein shakes when I want a bag of chips.

  • missbreebree03

    I love coconut ice cream, i use it in almost all my shakes. dark chocolate, dried cranberries, almonds, and roasted chickpeas are my go to snacks.

  • Richard Lysakowski

    My evil food on my cheat days right now are: (1) cheese (2) well perhaps not so evil but I ravage on meat (beef, pork) (3) crackers
    Why I cheat? Because the food is justing sitting there in refrigerator or on the table.
    I love chocolate and already took the advice of having dark chocolate instead. Delicious! Thank you James for the advice and this video.